Glass Straw

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Diameter 8 mm / 0,31in, length 18 cm / 7 in

Why choose a glass straw?
For some people, the idea of a glass straw brings about images of cracking and shattering. 

However, borosilicate glass straws is shatter-resistant, break-resistant. In addition, to be extremely durable and tolerant to temperature changes, borosilicate is also non-porous, which means bacteria from your smoothie or milkshake won’t get stuck in the glass.

Since borosilicate glass resists chemicals and acid degradation, you don’t need to worry about stuff like BPA seeping into your water. It's always safe to drink from and you can put it in the dishwasher.

What is borosilicate glass?
Borosilicate glass is made from naturally abundant materials. If handled with care, borosilicate glass will last a lifetime. 

Because of its durability and resistance to chemical changes, borosilicate glass has traditionally been used in chemistry labs and industrial settings, as well as for kitchenware and premium wine glasses. 

We consider these straws safe for vegans since no parts from animals are used in the materials neither in the production.



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